Zen 366: 103/366

My sweet boy, I love to watch you ponder.


Upon her throne

Milla 366: 99/366

Our little pampered princess.  We wouldn’t want her any other way.  She is sweet and happy all the time but also knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it.  Traits that will definitely come in handy as she grows older.


Chicks, felt baskets and boiled eggs

Milla 366: 98/366

The perfect recipe for a perfect day wouldn’t you say?  We thought so.  We had a little picnic to celebrate Easter.

We’re not huge fans of filling our kids up with sugar so my lovely sister-in-law Hailey brought along some cute baskets and fluffy chicks for the kids to find.  It meant we got to witness lots of this kind of cuteness.

We ate gloriously, drew on boiled eggs and ran as far as the park would allow.  Basically, another beautiful day in beautiful Brisbane.

Milla comparing chick finds with her cousins 🙂


Zen 366: 98/366


I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it many more times – you are truly blessed.  You have more people that love you and care for you than a baby bunny and have so many people to adore and look up to.

One of those amazing people is your Noni.  She is an incredible woman Zen, you are so lucky to have her as your grandmother.  Noni overcame incredible odds, raised five children, helped Pa run a business, started an international film festival based on the international success of her first ever short film (made with Poppy and Aunty Hailey!).  She now inspires people to transform their lives through gratitude.  In short, she is a superhero.  One you would be wise to keep in steady dialogue with.

Noni is loving and caring but also extremely wise and completely non-judgemental.  You could go to her with any problem and all she will be concerned with is helping you.  No matter what it is.

She will challenge you and encourage you to be creative, be different, be you.  And though she may have apocalyptic predictions about any activity you want to undertake, she is LOADS of fun (you would know this by now) and will always be able to find safe but very cool ways for you to enjoy yourself.  Listen to those ideas, they will help you later in life when everyone else is doing stupid things to have fun, her ideas will be gold.

She won’t expect you to stick to any conventional route (she may even encourage you to bypass it) and she will help you figure out the best way to live your dreams the way you need to live them.

Like I said, you’re blessed.  What a treasure trove of love and wisdom at your finger tips Zen, enjoy it!!

Little love

Milla 366: 97/366

Milla is an outrageous flirt.  She leaves a little trail of men’s hearts bleeding wherever she goes.  So often young men usually uninterested in babies will be asking to keep her within an hour and sad to see her go.   She is completely delightful, I must admit.  And I can’t help but be a little smitten when I see yet another disinterested young man become clucky.  I think she is very clever, and I think all the wives and girlfriends of these boys will be extremely grateful to her in the years to come for cluckifying their men 🙂 .


Zen 366: 97/366

Zen’s courage has been skyrocketing lately.  At a frightfully speedy pace he has gone from ridiculously cautious to a genuine risk-taker.  He’s especially excited about climbing.  Scary I know, but I’m too proud of him to feel afraid just yet (not to mention, he never climbs more than 2m off the ground).  I think he’s discovering the power in his legs and the exhilaration of trying something new and dangerous.

I hear other mum’s scold their kids when they see them climbing or adventuring.  I’ve probably got it all wrong (in so, so many ways) but I really feel like letting him take risks is incredibly essential to helping him be a whole and stable man.  Obviously, as long as those risks are sensible enough to allow him to get to be a whole man ;).

I think if I never let him try, or let him fail, never let him understand the sensation of falling or not getting everything right, then he will never truly understand the joy of succeeding or of giving everything he’s got.  He may never want to take risks when he’s older, or even worse – only take stupid ones because he didn’t learn where to draw the line.  Who knows if this is how it will play out, but from what Nick and I have seen and observed, we would rather raise a child who knows how to take risks responsibly than someone who never takes any risks at all.

Baby attends university!

Milla 366: 96/366

Poor little Milla.  I had an assignment due and had to drag her and her brother along to Uni late at night with me to hand it in.  As much as I try to not let my degree impact on the kids, sometimes some things cannot be helped.  2 weeks of gastro babes and a multitude of other stresses meant that this particular assignment needed to be handed in at the last minute.

These babies are not unfamiliar with the uni environment.  Each of them attended their first lectures and tutorials at two weeks old.  Both of them attending weekly in a wrap for the first six months of their lives.  The one and only uni parents study room in the library became a regular hang-out for Zen and I during intense assignment blocks.  So although I’m trying not to let my study habits impact the time I spend with them, they definitely know what it’s all about.

We get all sorts of funny looks whenever I bring my little friends along to class.  As far as I can tell, no-one else does what I do.  I have only seen children at uni a few times, and they are usually at least 8 or 9 – old enough to keep quiet 😉  It may be unconventional but I don’t like to be separated from my babies when they are little and although a few hours might not seem like very long, for a fully breastfed infant I think it would seem like a lifetime!

I’m so incredibly grateful my lecturers have been gracious enough to be considerate to our little family and my bizarre demands.  And so grateful that, even though sometimes it’s terribly inconvenient for them, these kids know where I go when I have to leave them and they have a bit of an understanding of what it’s all about.  If nothing else, at least they know if I’m leaving them with someone they trust, it’s just to save them from another long boring lecture they really didn’t want to have to listen to 🙂



The land of opportunity

Zen 366: 96/366

One of our favourite places to go and source materials for creating or playing is Reverse Garbage.  There are endless tools and supplies to fuel even the dryest of imaginations and Zen, with his beautifully vivid 4-year-old imagination, always has a field day there.

I’m usually too distracted trying to stop my babes from destroying the whole store to observe Zen’s reaction to the items laid out in front of him.  Today, with Milla strapped into her Ergo, it was eye-opening to see Zen cruise around quietly, carefully picking up different items and taking the time to look them over thoroughly before putting them back and moving on.  His little fingers tenderly tracing embroidery in fabrics, his eyes cool and serious.  His mind creating sweet stories with pieces of rubber and wooden dots.

It makes me wonder where all the flurry and chaos I had associated with visiting the store had come from.  Certainly not this little ponderer.

These moments are so precious.  A chance to see my little one in a new light in an incredibly familiar environment.  He surprises me daily, this is just another little piece of magic he was saving till I was ready to see.